Dragging Fabulousness to SHS

The spur of the casting of the spring musical, High School Musical, has students quite the frenzy. With the return of many of the actors and actresses from the fall play, Servant of Two Masters, it is sure to be a great show. And the additions of the girls’ cheerleading team and the boys’ choir, not to mention what is sure to be some talented and fun singing and dancing on-stage, will culminate in Shortridge High School’s first musical (as an IB school?). Once Spring Break hits though, there will not be anymore shows until the next school year. That’s another 6-8 months!

So what am I getting at? Well, there is going to be one more production, just a month after Spring Break. Shortridge’s Chapter of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA), an organization that promotes friendship, collaboration, and equality among people of all genders and sexual orientations, is going to host a drag show! Set to take place during the last weekend of April, GSA will be hosting planning sessions until Spring Break, and will hose rehearsals in her room during April. Students and faculty will be putting on a performance to raise funds in order to maintain the school’s GSA chapter so that the good work can continue. The show will feature a skit written by one of Shortridge’s very own writers, a performance that will leave the audience absolutely screaming, and a discussion afterwards.

Inspired by the egalitarian attitude of fabulosity of RuPaul of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the GSA is looking for students of all colors of the rainbow to be drag kings, queens, backstage personnel, choreographers, and any other form of help being offered to see something so phenomenal come to life. Contact Mrs. Smith at SmithAM@myips.org if you wish to have more details, or if you simply want to lend support to the student-led project that she is overseeing.

And yes, that’s right, those fabulous queens in this article’s featured image are drag queens. Are they not beautifully stunning?