Astonishing: Donald Trump’s Address was Different?

Today Donald Trump went on stage in Congress to address them.

But this address was different from what we’ve seen throughout the years of his run for president and throughout his two months of¬†presidency.

Whenever someone would watch Donald Trump he would mostly talk about himself and say I instead of we, but during his address, he said that he would say things from “the heart.” And he did absolutely that and talked about the American people and how they come first.

But the thing is that Donald Trump kept talking harshly about immigrants. It was so rude (in my opinion) when Donald Trump brought up a guest speaker and said that one of they’re family members were killed by an illegal immigrant. It is rude to talk about any type of immigrants (from wherever they may come from) because one of the United States former president, “Ronald Reagan,” said that, “In America, our origins matter less than our destination, and that is what a democracy is all about.”

So, yes Donald Trump’s address was better than what was expected and everyone was stunned, but most of the Democrats barely clapped for him, but they did stand and clap normally when Trump¬†addressed an issue that both sides could agree on. But nevertheless, this was truly a Donald Trump we may have to wait to see again for a while.