First Ever Spooky School!

On Saturday, October 21st, the Tri-M Music Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Shortridge Archives put on Shortridge’s first ever Spooky School! The Spooky School coincided with the Butler Lab School’s Clinic and joint concert with the Shortridge Beginning and Intermediate Orchestras. The day was a hit for all ages!

Butler Lab School students were having a blast with their slime!

Ms. Sieler, Shortridge’s Orchestra Director, teaches orchestra and band for the 5th, 6th, and 7th graders at the Butler Lab School. The kids were in for a treat this year. Last year, the Shortridge Orchestras hosted a clinic to work on music with the kids and then had a concert for the parents at noon.

This year, the Spooky School was launched where all the kids could choose their path. One was extremely spooky with lights, running showers, the most random, yet spooky, decorations, and the best of the theatre department. The spooky effect was intensified by the mysterious smell that permeated this locker room. Did I mention that it was the Boys’ locker room?

The Girls’ locker room hosted the less intense path which included festive decor, strange mood lighting, daunting music, web that was infested with spiders, and three unconventional, but excellent actors. The path also smelled a million times better.

Sam K. allowed her face to be a canvas for Cat A. and Mary O.

After exiting the locker rooms, the kids were chased down a hallway-turned-forest by a T-Rex. The T-Rex only fell over once during this whole escapade. The kids were then greeted by Aliens as they ran down the stairs while screaming and giggling. As they entered the dance studio, they were met by a ghostly, foggy aura. Then, out of nowhere, actors appear to tell a ghoulish story.

After ending the Spooky School tour, the kids headed up to the theatre hallway to create some slime with the National Honor Society. The colors of slime ranged from Midnight Cat Black to Alien Neon Green. The kids had the opportunity to add beading into their slime which was an interesting touch.

After creating the slime, some kids begged to go back through the Spooky School because they had so much fun the first time. Sooner than later, it was time for the kids to put on a performance for their parents. Another surprise was in store for them. At the end of the concert, all of the musicians gathered on the stage to play Scary Story. What most do not know is that the ghost in the story is the actual Pink Panther. After the Intermediate Orchestra launched into the Pink Panther, and the Pink Panther walked around the audience handing out candy to everyone. The kids truly had a blast and were sent home to their adoring parents with sugar and slime. (We are sure that their parents loved that!)

One may ask, who was the scariest actor in the Spooky School. That award would have to be bestowed upon Donna Johnson who was the creepy clown. Donna, a very talented individual, used her theatrical skills to scare the kids. The kids were talking about “the clown” for the rest of the day. Donna is an amazing actor, but she also had some of the best makeup out of all of the actors. Cat Avila and Mary O’Neill were the masterminds behind everyone’s makeup, and they are fabulous at it. They were able to create realistic wounds, clown faces, and more on every actor.

Donna J. in her creepy clown attire!

Who led the Spooky School Committee?

Mary Jo Easley was the lead on the project, and she assisted in supplying a lot of decoration. She spent many hours planning and pulling off the Spooky School, and she deserves to be applauded. When asked about what she plans to do next year, Mary Jo answered, “We will open it up for the students to enjoy since we didn’t have that opportunity this year. I would also like to be able to disable all of the lights in order to increase the dramatic effect. The less light the better!” Even with this being the first year, the Spooky School was a hit, and it is already set up to be even better next year.

Interested in participating in this event next year? Join the Shortridge Archives or be invited to join the National Honor Society or Tri-M Music Honor Society!