Retelling SHS Stories: Shortridgers Active in World War I Aid

On this day in 1941…

Shortridge Daily Echo — December 11th, 1941


During the last war the War Relief Association, which was composed of all teachers and students in Shortridge, was organized by Miss Flora Love and Mrs. Rosa M. R. Mikels of the English department. Miss Love was the first president of the organization, with Miss Mary E.Sullivan of the commercial department and Miss Virginia Claybough of the Latin department the second and third presidents, respectively. The association was to do whatever they were called upon to do. Among the various duties which they performed were service on registration boards, voluntary typing, filing, and clerical work. Teachers and students knitted sweaters, socks, and helmets, under the direction of the Red Cross instructors. The best pair of socks was knitted by Walter Gingery, who is now the principal of George Washington High School, but at that time head of the Shortridge math department.

During the flu epidemic teachers prepared soup and fruit juices in the cafeteria in the old school. These were delivered by the Y.M.C.A. or the K. of P. to be inspected at Fort Harrison.

Teachers and students also contributed $1,000 to the war chest. They marched in parades and supported a large number of French orphans. One half a carload of clothing for Italian war sufferers was collected. They sold and bought Liberty Bonds and war stamps. In Miss Laura Donnan’s home room the motto was : A penny in France is worth two pennies in your pants. In fact, in one year, $50,000 passed through the hands’ of Shortridge teachers and students.

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