What’s Going On?

  • The Math Lab is officially open! Come do homework with your friends, get help from peer-tutors, and study in a comfortable, fun, productive environment. The Math Lab offers help for all math classes, including online classes (Plato). It is open Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-4:00pm, and after school Tuesday and Wednesday. Take advantage of this resource!
  • FAFSA Fridays started March 8th: If you need assistance with filling out the FAFSA or Scholarship Opportunities please sign up mywco.com/shortridge for an appointment during ATL. FAFSA is due April 15th.
  • Future Opportunity Thursdays: What are your future plans? What will you be doing this summer? Visit the Future Center to learn about new and upcoming summer internships, job opportunities, and summer programs. Please sign up at mywco.com/shortridge for an appointment