DP Art Show “Archipelago”


In its fourth year, the DP Art Show at Shortridge High School has become important to the school, because many generations of different people attend. Including families, university professors, artists, staff and even people from the school board, from various different organizations in IPS have attended. There has been a “trend where people come every year, sometimes people drive 2-3 hours just to come on the Saturday.” DP art teacher Amanda Cory said. The DP Art Show is not only raising awareness of what our students are capable of doing, but it’s an event where people throughout the community, who often become so busy and don’t have time to see each other or visit. This art show is a time of year where people come together. This year about 20 pieces of art were sold, the majority of the money made will go to the students with the exception of 20%, which goes back to help buy supplies that were bought and used in special projects.