Opinionated Over the Government Shutdown

In the year 2017 President Trump became the President of the United States. In his campaign in the year 2016 he made a promise to everyone that when he became president he was going to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and make Mexico pay for it. With doing so he wanted to prevent illegal immigrants and drugs from entering into the U.S. Along with doing that in the year 2017 President Trump let the protection of DACA expire which took away the protection from Hispanics.  

Now, let’s fast forward to December 22,2018  where now the government has been considered shutdown. What that means is the Congress is failing to pass funding.The cause of this is President Trump has asked for the Democrats to fund the wall with the price of $5 billion. Which now brings the upsetting part about all of this (if this was not upsetting enough) non-essential workers apart of the government are furloughed and do not get a paycheck but, along with that essential workers  (i.e TSA Officer and Air and Traffic Controllers) are forced to work but still do not receive a paycheck.

       This means that because of a wall being built to block off a border along U.S. and Mexico innocent people on both sides of the fence ( i.e Mexico & the U.S.) suffer. Parents are without a job because someone is not receiving what they want. As a U.S citizen there are so many other things that the government could be putting more money into. This includes: potholes, shelters and homes, and anything else that  would make the United States better. I believe this benefits no one. Whether illegal or legal if problems are going to happen they will happen regardless. In all actuality it is wrong to suggest that Mexico and the descendants of there are bad people for wanting a better life for themselves and or because drugs are being reported in the United States. According to https://www.serenityatsummit.com/drug-addiction/top-10-addictive-illegal-drugs/ article  which talks on the 10 most addicting drugs in the United States. From looking at the article you can make  an assumption that the names of drugs that are being spoke on have been reported to be illegal for a while. With that being the case, why are people barely speaking/ know any English be the ones whom are bringing these drugs over to the United States. Families that have been here in the United States whether legal or illegal are here for a better life. Overall, why place a  problem on people that has always been a problem. The effects of this government shutdown will cause all kinds of problems for not only the government but also the society. I believe that for a problem to be fixed you have to first find out where the problem is coming from. One of the government’s role is to ensure that they bring facts to the table based on numbers, not based on whether someone likes a certain race or not. As a U.S. Citizen. As a United States Citizen we can not only blame the government for the problem that the U.S. citizens (whether hispanic or not) should fight for the rights of others.  If parents are without jobs, it’s not worth it.If people who are working are not receiving a paycheck, it is not worth it. Anything that harms someone’s livelihood is not worth it.

With thinking this you have to think of the bigger picture. What happens if we come across a issue like in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” where in parts of the U.S things happen and our only safety net is Mexico. If a wall is built along the U.S.- Mexico Border Mexico is not subjected to let us join them for safety. So the wall creates enemies between the U.S. and Mexico and the last time I checked as U.S. Citizen that is not what we should be doing.Instead we should be welcoming people into the U.S. that are willing to work. Overall, this looks bad on our government which also makes everyone apart of it look just as equally bad.