A Spoiler Free Critic of Endgame

Endgame is a three-hour epic that at the same time feels like a highlight reel for the past but also a set-up for the future of the MCU. The cinematic capstone to the first ten years Marvel’s movies Endgame is satisfying and awe-inspiring. Endgame finds the remaining Avengers trying to deal with the implications of Thanos’ Snap at the end of 2018’s Infinity War. But Endgame is more than your average superhero action movie, at its core the movie is about people and their relationships. That’s why I believe these movies have thrived when others have failed. They recognize that these superheroes are people and aren’t invincible. Whether it’s the off-hand conversations or the heartfelt conclusion, the movie never loses focus on its themes. These amazing moments can be attributed to the great actors who have portrayed them for up to a decade. They know these characters and make all of these heartfelt moments feel real. But these moments are also balanced out with their fair share of great action sequences. These sequences involve some great set pieces and chronography.

One flaw that I think the movie has is character development and build up. I feel as though Black Widow (who has appeared in almost half of all the MCU movies up until this point) is still underdeveloped and still doesn’t feel like a central member of the group. I also feel that Captain Marvel was criminally underused in the movie, despite the fact that the presence felt crucial to winning against Thanos, courtesy of the after credit scene in Infinity War.

Endgame is one of those movies that comes around once in a decade. No other movie to my knowledge has had a decade long build-up of around 20 full-length films. Its something to marvel and something that will probably never happen again. But despite these minor flaws, Endgame is incredible. Its funny, satisfying, heartfelt, and my favorite MCU movie to date.

-Eli S.