Departing Teachers

As we see the Class of 2019 finish out their time here, several teachers will be departing our community as well. Some of those teachers have been a part of our community since it’s inception at Gambold Prep. Others joined us when we merged with Broad Ripple, and for some, this was their very first year in IPS. All will be deeply missed, and we are very fortunate to have them be apart of our community.

Al Hoffmann

Mr. Hoffmann is moving to Jeju-Do, South Korea, and will be teaching at Branksome Hall Asia which is an international boarding school for girls.

Mr. Hoffmann has spent the past 4 years teaching a mixture of English and Theory of Knowledge at Shortridge. Here at the Daily Echo, he holds a special place in our hearts. Mr. Hoffmann lead us in relaunching the Echo in 2016. He helped start the Quill & Scroll Honor Society and took us on a trip to study journalism at Ball State.

Besides the Echo, Mr. Hoffmann has lead and participated in a variety of activities. Those include, but are not limited to, WWW Freshman Camping, Garage Band, the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Scholarship Committee, Ultimate Frisbee, and the Indiana Repertory Theatre Field Trips. Mr. Hoffmann provided his musical talents at many Shortridge functions.

Although Mr. Hoffmann has been involved in many student activities, when asked what his favorite memory of Shortridge was, he said that it was when he went swimming in Lake Michigan with Ms. Coryell, Mr. Todd, Mr. Shullenberger, and Mr. O’Day during an IB World Conference. Apparently, Mr. Shullenberger dunked Mr. O’Day in the lake and “much merriment ensued.” We can’t really fault him for his favorite memory. Who wouldn’t want to watch O’Day be dunked in Lake Michigan?

“Mr. Hoffmann will always be an amazing person to talk to and learn new knowledge from. He’s the kind of person who always up for new things whether that moving to South Korea or biking the entire west coast. Hoffmann has continuously put up with all of his student antics from blasting pop music on a 2-hour drive home or just day to day shenanigans but regularly finds the fun in these moments. He always makes time for the things that really matter and truly deserves the name Albert ‘Maverick’ Hoffmann.” – Eli Schmitt, Rising Senior

When asked what advice he would give to incoming Shortridge teachers, Hoffmann said: “Do what’s right for the students. Keep the spirit and culture of Shortridge alive and thriving. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.”


John Riley

Mr. Riley has been a teacher in IPS’ high school IB magnet since the very beginning, and although he won’t be teaching a Shortridge, you may still see him around. Mr. Riley will be working at CFI 70 helping prepare future Shortridge students for high school. He also will be coaching math teachers here at Shortridge.

During his time here at Shortridge, Mr. Riley coached the Academic Super Bowl Team, sponsored the board game club, assisted in math competitions, and planned Travelling Classrooms. Mr. Riley is fondly known for serenading his students with songs about toes. When asked what his favorite part about being a member of the Shortridge community, Mr. Riley said: “I enjoyed interacting with some of the most inspiring people I have ever known.  Students, Teachers, Parents, and Administrators.”

“My favorite memory of Mr. Riley is that every Friday he would sing to us. My favorites were the songs about toes and hamburgers.” – Antonio Cardenas, Rising Senior

Mr. Riley’s advice: “Be proud of being part of an excellent school and enjoy watching the success of your students.”


Michael Gawdzik

Mr. Gawdzik will be leaving us to teach at Speedway High School next year. They have gained a stupendous teacher.

Mr. Gawdzik has taught at IPS’ IB high school magnet for the past five years. The first being at Gambold Prep and the last four at Shortridge. During his time here, Mr. Gawdzik ran a futsal club for one year and a boxing club for two. The major presence of freshman at Butler Writers can also be attributed to him. Mr. Gawdzik has also spent time moonlighting as a drag queen during the annual Shortridge GSA’s drag show.

His favorite memory is from Week Without Walls when he ran a soccer camp with Mr. Shirk.

Mr. Gawdzik has always been one of my favorite teachers but it wasn’t until this year when we started a book exchange that I gained a deeper appreciation of who he was. Mr. Gawdzik is just a regular guy who loves boxing, writing, crime novels and sadly someone who doesn’t invite his students to his wedding.” – Eli Schmitt, Rising Senior

Mr. Gawdzik’s advice to incoming teachers is: “Be flexible, go with the flow, the bamboo that bends to the wind will not be broken.”


Kinz Kinsey

Ms. Kinsey will be moving to Jeju-Do, South Korea, and she also will be working at Branksome Hall Asia, an international boarding school for girls.

During her two years at Shortridge, Ms. Kinsey taught MYP art. She has also been the main coordinator of the MYP Art Shows. This past year, Ms. Kinsey became a co-sponsor for the Outdoor Club and went on the Freshman Camping Trip. Previously, Ms. Kinsey has served on the Hiring Committee for Shortridge as well as the Week Without Walls Committee. Essentially, if Ms. Kinsey wasn’t in her classroom, you could find her at an art event, outdoors, or ensuring that our students have the best opportunities.

Ms. Kinsey has a long list of what she loves about Shortridge. That list includes the students, staff, weird hall passes, Friday connect, the courtyard lunches, and school culture. She describes Shortridge as “smart, unique, and accepting” and says that working at Shortridge has been her favorite job.

Ms. Kinsey’s favorite memories include giving every student the middle name of ‘Eugene or Eugena,’ being questioned about her personal life by students, giving away 6 bags of hotdog buns within a passing period, and seeing her students grow.

“My favorite memory of Ms. Kinsey is when I was in her design class my sophomore year and she would always greet us and treat us like we were her kids, she would laugh with us and joke around with us with a sense of humor that made you feel comfortable. The reason why I’m grateful that I had miss Kinsey is because she showed us that even though we don’t always wanna come to school we can make it a humorous journey filled with jokes and laughs and still learn along the way.”               – Antonio Cardenas, Rising Senior

“My advice to incoming teachers is to be their authentic selves and prepare to work hard! Be passionate about what you teach and who you teach. Have high standards, know the IB and empower students to make their school exceptional.”

Paige Kuper

This year was Ms. Kuper’s first year at Shortridge, and although she is leaving us, she is not going very far. Next year, Ms. Kuper will be teaching math at Butler Lab School 60.

Ms. Kuper enjoyed teaching algebra this year, and her favorite memory is when her class learned about imaginary numbers. “It was a very fun day in class.”

Ms. Kuper’s advice for incoming teachers: “The most important thing is to build relationships with students, even the ones you feel are ‘difficult.’ This will help with the culture in your classroom.”


Reginald Anderson

This was also Mr. Anderson’s first year at Shortridge. Next year, he will be working for one of the new elementary schools in Washington Township, Willow Lake. Willow Lake is an IB elementary school.

This year, Mr. Anderson taught physical education, and he will continue teaching that at Willow Lake. His favorite memories involve interacting with students.

“My favorite memory of Mr. Anderson is his interesting dance moves that always makes me laugh. I am grateful for having Mr. Anderson as my gym teacher. He always made gym class an enjoyable time of my day.” – Maggie Easley, Rising Sophomore

Mr. Anderson’s advice to incoming teachers: “Be patient.”


Michael Heneghan

This was Mr. Heneghan’s first year at Shortridge. Mr. Heneghan plans to be a stay-at-home dad for his new son, Thomas, next school year.

During his time here, Mr. Heneghan taught English and Speech, and he also spent part of his time working in the library. If not in class or the library, Mr. Heneghan could be found playing futsal with Mr. Gawdzik and students or playing basketball with Mr. Anderson and Mr. Dennie.

Mr. Heneghan’s favorite memory from his time here consists of the activities he did during Week Without Walls. During WWW, Mr. Heneghan took students to Hoosier Heights so they could all rock climb. He also took students to the Japan-American Society and enjoyed learning about Japanese culture.

“I’m grateful to have had him as a teacher because he seemed to really understand our nature in general and worked with us rather than try to get us to do something in a way that doesn’t work for everyone.” – Anna Areal, Rising Junior

Mr. Heneghan’s advice to incoming teachers: “Make connections with students before you do anything. Learning will follow.”


Luis Apolaya Torres

After spending one-year teaching math at Shortridge, Mr. Apolaya Torres will be moving to Shelton, Washington.

When asked about his favorite memory, Mr. Apolaya said “Before spring break, I had my Algebra 1 classes do an activity where they solved a puzzle and drew how they visualized the patterns and answers to the puzzle in a poster. This was the most fun my students and I had in my class, and I will cherish the memory of seeing their creativity come alive.”

“My favorite memory of Mr. Apolaya is when a friend of mine and I were speaking Spanish and he joined in. He also helped me with a few words. It felt good to be able to understand him and communicate with him.” – Nevaeh Smith, Rising Sophomore

His advice to incoming teachers: “Give your students and yourself all the love you have.”