Honor Students To Be Recognized

On Friday, Jan. 24, there will be an “Honor Roll Breakfast” from 9:00 to 9:30 a.m. in the Caleb Mills Auditorium. The event is meant to recognize and celebrate students who made the Honor Roll for the first semester. If parents and guardians are interested, please enter through Door 12 off of 34th Street. Don’t worry about getting thirsty; drinks will be provided by the PTSA.
“We hope you can join us as we celebrate the academic achievements of your child and all of the students who made honor roll,” said Assistant Principal Jacob Pactor in an email. 
Following is a list of the students who made honor roll for the fall semester, 2019. The third column shows the various honor distinctions: “Cum Laude”, “Magna Cum Laude”, and “Summa Cum Laude”. These are Latin honors used in academics to signify levels of “distinction”. There are three levels used, “Cum Laude”, then “Magna Cum Laude”, and finally “Summa Cum Laude” is the highest distinction.

LaythAbdulbariSumma Cum Laude
RanyaAbedelmalikSumma Cum Laude
AlisonAbregoSumma Cum Laude
AlexisAdamsCum Laude
AishatAdebayoMagna Cum Laude
BrysayAguilarSumma Cum Laude
AmeliaAlfordSumma Cum Laude
JoselinAmaya-TrochezMagna Cum Laude
CitlaliAmezcuaMagna Cum Laude
AspenAndersonSumma Cum Laude
JonasAndersonSumma Cum Laude
AnnaArealSumma Cum Laude
JaquelineArellano ArreolaSumma Cum Laude
MiguelArregoita-FranciscoCum Laude
HelenArriaza-RiosSumma Cum Laude
RobertAsherMagna Cum Laude
DamianAustinSumma Cum Laude
PepeAvilaSumma Cum Laude
GregoryAyrisSumma Cum Laude
LenaBabikerSumma Cum Laude
LiamBackhoffCum Laude
ShaynaBaileyCum Laude
ZoeBardonSumma Cum Laude
AnaBardonSumma Cum Laude
AaliyahBarnettCum Laude
JairBarralaga-IrahetaMagna Cum Laude
TatyanaBeaulieuCum Laude
RianBellCum Laude
MarissaBighamCum Laude
TajeyonBohannonMagna Cum Laude
ShengBrackenSumma Cum Laude
HenryBravataSumma Cum Laude
CarlBravataSumma Cum Laude
IsaacBrightSumma Cum Laude
TrenityBrookingCum Laude
JadenBrookinsCum Laude
WestonBurdickSumma Cum Laude
AyannaButlerCum Laude
IkiaCalhounSumma Cum Laude
JaretCamargoMagna Cum Laude
AntonioCardenasSumma Cum Laude
NatalieCarlsonSumma Cum Laude
JasminCarrera-OchoaSumma Cum Laude
DayanaraCarvajal-EstradaSumma Cum Laude
AnthonyCastanedaCum Laude
EllaCatlinSumma Cum Laude
AmarisChapelCum Laude
DaleCheneySumma Cum Laude
LingseyChinchillaCum Laude
JazmynChristensonCum Laude
BenjaminClarkCum Laude
JennaClaySumma Cum Laude
MykahColemanCum Laude
LuisCorreaCum Laude
AmeliaCoryellSumma Cum Laude
IanCraigCum Laude
MinaCreceliusCum Laude
OliviaCropperSumma Cum Laude
BenjaminCuellarSumma Cum Laude
AlexandraDavisCum Laude
FatimaDe La GarzaCum Laude
KeyaDennyCum Laude
CatalinaDimasMagna Cum Laude
Mary JoEasleySumma Cum Laude
MargaretEasleySumma Cum Laude
Jay’LinEasonCum Laude
AngusEly-SmithSumma Cum Laude
JoelEspinozaSumma Cum Laude
RoryFat-AnthonySumma Cum Laude
OscarFisherkellerSumma Cum Laude
AdriannaGalarzaSumma Cum Laude
ChristianGarciaSumma Cum Laude
GemmaGarciaSumma Cum Laude
ChristianGarciaMagna Cum Laude
UrimararyGarcia-SanchezCum Laude
ChynaGatesSumma Cum Laude
NebeyGebreslassieSumma Cum Laude
IsabelleGlassSumma Cum Laude
SebastianGlassCum Laude
HilaryGoffSumma Cum Laude
EllaGoldsmithSumma Cum Laude
AlexanderGordonSumma Cum Laude
AlanaGrahamCum Laude
VioletHannanSumma Cum Laude
MariaHawkinsSumma Cum Laude
KyleeHawverSumma Cum Laude
Ti’AnyanaHayesSumma Cum Laude
AndreaHoltCum Laude
IsabelleJeremiahSumma Cum Laude
AlanJimenezSumma Cum Laude
DianaJimenezCum Laude
AaronJonesCum Laude
BaileyJonesCum Laude
GabrielleJonesMagna Cum Laude
AmyJuarez-LemusSumma Cum Laude
OliviaKaleyCum Laude
CeliaKatnerSumma Cum Laude
HayleyKiddCum Laude
LouisaKingSumma Cum Laude
VictorKitchelSumma Cum Laude
JalynnKnightCum Laude
MilesLandrumSumma Cum Laude
AyailaLangeMagna Cum Laude
ColeLangstonSumma Cum Laude
AdrianLariosCum Laude
NoraLarocheSumma Cum Laude
CoreyLewisSumma Cum Laude
KaseyLopez-BarriosSumma Cum Laude
TrevonLucasCum Laude
JulianLynchSumma Cum Laude
VictorMagallanesSumma Cum Laude
AllysonMaggardSumma Cum Laude
AureliaMartinezCum Laude
JordynMayCum Laude
CarsonMccordSumma Cum Laude
AngusMccutcheonCum Laude
PaigeMcInerneySumma Cum Laude
NubianMckeeMagna Cum Laude
AnnaMcneelySumma Cum Laude
SavannahMillerSumma Cum Laude
KhanaeMillerSumma Cum Laude
KameronMiltonMagna Cum Laude
AireyonaMitchellCum Laude
JocabedMontes De OcaSumma Cum Laude
CarterMooersSumma Cum Laude
LissetMoralesCum Laude
RomanMorenoSumma Cum Laude
NathanMundenCum Laude
JoleenaMundySumma Cum Laude
AsliMwaafrikaMagna Cum Laude
JasmineMyersCum Laude
KaelNeidighSumma Cum Laude
El’AdNichols-KaufmanSumma Cum Laude
XavierNtamereSumma Cum Laude
JhosuaOajaca ValdezSumma Cum Laude
LorielleObiohaSumma Cum Laude
AlexOgdenSumma Cum Laude
AaliyahOlvera VanzziniMagna Cum Laude
CariciaOntiverosCum Laude
AmandaPalmeroSumma Cum Laude
AlonsoPalmeroSumma Cum Laude
CeliaParker-FettermanSumma Cum Laude
KaikeyiPaxtonSumma Cum Laude
HannahPenrodSumma Cum Laude
DanielPerezCum Laude
WalkerPerkinsSumma Cum Laude
ElizabethPerkinsSumma Cum Laude
BrandonPetrySumma Cum Laude
AlicePickettSumma Cum Laude
IsyssPottsCum Laude
EthanPowellSumma Cum Laude
ShawnPylesSumma Cum Laude
FranciscoQuintanaCum Laude
LeonelRamirezCum Laude
LeslyRamirezCum Laude
JavierRamosCum Laude
LillianReeves-WoodsCum Laude
WesleyRhodesSumma Cum Laude
Mi-CorazonRichmeCum Laude
LinetRivasSumma Cum Laude
CortneeRobertsSumma Cum Laude
LinseyRodas-HernandezSumma Cum Laude
MerlyRomeroSumma Cum Laude
JordyRosalesMagna Cum Laude
ZareyaRowinskiMagna Cum Laude
LeeAngeloRushCum Laude
JosefinaSalinasSumma Cum Laude
RolandoSantiagoCum Laude
MikaylaSchantzCum Laude
AbigailSchlebeckerSumma Cum Laude
EliSchmittSumma Cum Laude
GabrielleSellersCum Laude
DamaraSiskSumma Cum Laude
MaraliseSmithCum Laude
NevaehSmithMagna Cum Laude
AlessandroSosaSumma Cum Laude
KyleSteinerSumma Cum Laude
KrystalSterlingCum Laude
DamontStevensSumma Cum Laude
TrentStocumSumma Cum Laude
BaileyStrawhornCum Laude
BrendanSuper-QuintanaSumma Cum Laude
ShauntaeSwansonSumma Cum Laude
JamesSzalkieSumma Cum Laude
EmmaSzalkieSumma Cum Laude
OwenSzymczakSumma Cum Laude
FrancescaTaylorSumma Cum Laude
OliviaTerrellSumma Cum Laude
BryceThomas-CookSumma Cum Laude
JailynThorpeCum Laude
Mang HnemTialSumma Cum Laude
AlexandraTorresSumma Cum Laude
JacksonTruittSumma Cum Laude
GavinTruittCum Laude
ChloeValdezSumma Cum Laude
AidanValentineMagna Cum Laude
AndrewVelezMagna Cum Laude
LuisVillegasSumma Cum Laude
Afua NyelaWaissCum Laude
ClaireWallaceSumma Cum Laude
MarquiaWebsterCum Laude
LilyWeidenbachSumma Cum Laude
AbigailWhitakerSumma Cum Laude
KalebWhitlowCum Laude
AmariWilkersonSumma Cum Laude
JacquelynWilliamsSumma Cum Laude
AllanWilliamsSumma Cum Laude
StellaWinslowSumma Cum Laude
RebekahWinslowSumma Cum Laude
EvaWojciechowskiMagna Cum Laude
BrennaYoungSumma Cum Laude
ZivZellarsSumma Cum Laude
CadenceZerayacobSumma Cum Laude
AmelieZirnheldSumma Cum Laude