Update on Shortridge Winter Sports

With the pandemic still prevalent in everyday school life, winter sports have had to make some changes, but they are still here. Here’s what’s happening with our girls basketball team, our boys basketball team, and out swimming team.

Girls Basketball

The girls basketball team started conditioning in September and went all the way till the month of October. In the month of October the Lady Blue Devils also held tryouts the 19,20, and 21. They had a scrimmage against Herron where they won. They had their very first game against University where they fought for a win, but ended up losing. Their next game will be Friday November 6 against Greenwood Christian Academy. JV will start @6 and varsity will immediately follow.

Boys Basketball

The boys basketball is still conditioning, they´ve been in the gym, the weight room and the track getting ready for their season. They will have tryouts November 9 in the new gym.  


Swimming has had a new addition to the team. They have added a Boys swimming team. They´ve been working out on the track and weight room, this week they also started in the water. The way that they’re keeping themselves safe from covid is because they´ve been social distancing while running, they have specific groups, in the weight room they work out by themselves, and they wear masks.