Indianapolis Reaches 187 Homicides with Only a Few Weeks Left in the Year

By Jazin Marshall

The crime rate in Indianapolis has increased by 43% compared to last year. This makes 2020 the most violent year for Indy.

The city currently has a growing total of 187 homicides. With 75 deaths caused by domestic violence. The citizens of Indianapolis no longer feel safe.

“I worry about my students. One of our Shortridge students was shot and killed this year, and that was a traumatic event that affected everyone,” said Ms.T, a teacher at Shortridge High School.

Most of Indy’s homicides were a result of gun violence. Majority of the victims were African American males under the age of 21. 

Back in March when quarantine first started, the Indianapolis crime rate had dropped. Some people believe that staying in quarantine was the reason the crime rate had spiked again. 

 “People have been stuck in the house for months because of Covid. Not to mention a ton of people have been going through financial problems as well. Because of this citizens are resulting to crime as an outlet,” said Kelli Long, a local Hoosier.

According to the Indy Star, each year the homicide rate in Indianapolis breaks the record from the previous year. There are only a few weeks left of this year, but the crime rate has not slowed down. 

According to Fox59, organizations like the Indy Public Safety Foundation and the Central Indiana Community Foundation have given money to help reduce crime. The Indy Public Safety Foundation will also receive $400,000 to conduct a gun violence strategy. Indianapolis will be receiving $2.2 million in community crime prevention grants. They will use these grants to help with employment and education in areas of the city with high crime. 

Some community residents say Governor Holcomb and Mayor Hogsett have not taken any real action to help their city. 

“The place I work at got robbed. Fortunately no one was working at the time. The mayor and governor need to prevent more stuff like this from happening by trying to lower the crime rate,” said Shantel Strong, a restaurant manager. “Even if they have been working on it, I personally am still not seeing a difference in my community. The same problems keep occuring.”