Where I’m From – by Shaneice Brown

I’m from criminals and drug attics

And people who love their community but are hated by the cops

I’m from big butts and fake boobs

From social media and society standards

I’m from somebody just got shot & somebody just got locked up

I’m from unheard stories from the hood

From survival at age 5

From poor communities but still love and joy

I’m from 3am drunk halls

I’m from the smell of burning barbecue chicken just how i like

I’m from wobble baby wobble

I’m from teens who had no guidance

I’m from bad mistakes and under pressure choices

Where i’m from they give out generational trauma for free

From dads going to get milk 

I’m from desensitization and decades of degradation

I’m from power, strength and unity

I’m from ambition and desperation

I’m from fire under that mat that can only be contained by justice

I’m from Black.

I’m from poverty. 

Where i’m from everybody has potential but not the right needs for success

Where i’m from there’s so much that we lack that what we have packed is suppressed 

Where i’m from you’ll get 10 years to life at 18 for a mistake you did even though your brain can’t even fully develop till your 25

I’m from pain and sorrow and built up anger

I’m from mothers who were abused and mis-used and fathers who didn’t have fathers but only the gangs that made them feel warm

I’m from people just wanting  to be apart of something

I’m not from ptsd im from tusd

Traumatic urban stress disorder where everybody in the streets suffer

I’m from not having hope but wishing for the better

I’m from  it is what it is and no change

I’m from knocks at doors by cps

I’m from a cup of noodles

I’m from weed, crack, molly, xanax

I’m from mothers that share a child with a man fighting for the right of nothing

I’m from chaos 

Im for home

I’m from big buildings and busy streets

I’m from taking trains and taxis for cheap

I’m from cultured schools and big feast

I’m from jesus christ can save me

I’m from sinners who go to church

I’m from black militants and rebelliousness

I’m from constant talks on how to communicate and think critically

I’m from harsh realities and a jail mentality’

I’m from love and improvements

I’m from first times and courageous minds

Where i’m from, this ain’t even half, this is just the beginning of a new past