A Queen is Crowned

On Saturday, September 17, 2017, the Circle City Classic Coronation event, sponsored by the Indiana Black Expo, was held at 5:00 pm at the Madame C.J. Walker Theater in downtown Indy. During this event, one young lady was crowned Circle City Classic Queen. This author would like to congratulate Kourtney Kinchen for being crowned the official queen of the Circle City Classic!

Prior to this exciting event, 30 girls chosen to be the participants of the 2016 Circle City Classic Coronation, each having the chance to become queen themselves, put on a wonderful show. The night’s program included a fashion show and dance number performed by the coronation participants, as well as a formal presentation given by each of the girls themselves. The fashion show was coordinated by Nikki Blaine, who has her own empire called “Nikki Blaine Couture.” As for the dance performance, this year’s theme was “Car Wash” with this year’s ladies dancing the well-recognize song of the same name.

For those who did not attended nor knew about the event on Saturday, it may as a surprise to you that yours truly was also a participant for the Circle City Classic Coronation. For nearly 3 months, the ladies chosen for the program attended a series of workshops and rehearsals in order to prepare themselves for the day of the coronation. And although the coronation itself was a spectacular occasion, many of this writer’s fondest memories come from the months of preparation that preceded the Circle City Classic Coronation.

coronation-4 coronation-5

Coming to each meeting and interacting with the other young ladies and getting to know them personally was the one thing that I most want to keep from this experience. I am proud to say that I was because of the program that I have been able to be a bit more outgoing when it comes to socializing as well as just speaking in front of others. It helped me build up more confidence, which for me, was something I have wanted to do for quite some time. The Circle City Classic Coronation was outstanding and I must say that I am proud of not only myself, but of all the other ladies who did this with me. If any of those same ladies happen to read this, just know that I think you are amazing… you are a queen. A Circle City Classic Queen!