Quiet Protest to Occur at Shortridge in 1 Day

A quick note about the last day of the quarter on Friday, September 30th: A few SHS students will be holding a quiet protest compared to the many that seem to have sprung up recently. Juniors Brion P. and Andrea D. are planning to honor the many African-Americans, and humans in general, whose lives were unlawfully taken by hate crimes fueled by racism, both in the past and in the present.

To do this, they hope to have students wear black and/or red apparel, preferably maintaining school uniform so that no trouble is caused. The black symbolizes the fact that those of color were the main victims of the hate crimes that have been, and continue to be, perpetrated, while the red is, in essence, the blood that has been shed over differences that should not be used to discriminate.

So their plan could be considered a protest, yet it is not like a typical one, wherein there is chanting, huge crowds, and a shocking event that inspired it. No, this is something else. These students are exercising their First Amendment Right to Speech/Press, in a peaceful manner that will surely make a statement to community members as well as potentially the rest of Indianapolis, or an even greater audience in the world.

Of course, Brion and Andrea’s plan may very well becoming something that is not entirely desirable, in the sense that it might appear strange to see many students wearing black and/or red, what with the school colors not being black or red. Having students wear colors different from what students might normally wear may very well alienate students and thereby the message of this “quiet protest” of theirs. However, I would like to think that this would only bring the school together even more.

The last day of the quarter is about reflection, and this concerns not only how we performed academically. It is also about considering what it means to serve the greater Indianapolis community, with Indy Do Day being the day before. Their planning puts students in a global mindset that recognizes the various injustices and controversial issues, as well as the students’ abilities to combat them in their own way. All it really takes is a single person willing to take a stand.

In this case, two people are planning to lead their peers to show just how impactful youths can be. And I admit, I support it. Wear school appropriate attire, but don’t forget to wear the black and red, it is time to make a statement!

Correction: The actual protest is on Friday, September 30th. There was a bit of a misunderstanding concerning the date of this quiet protest. The writer apologizes for the error.