SHS’ Students are Bringing Service to Life

Today, is all about service. And no, this is not just some crusade to make students feel bad about not doing more for their communities as they are now. This is about students who are taking action to improve their communities now, starting with their school. The students of today’s interest are the leaders of clubs and organizations that will not only enrich their communities, but also inspire them as well.

One organization is the GSA, or Gender-Sexuality Alliance (previously known as Gay-Straight Alliance), headed by Elexis Rigney, one of Shortridge’s most (visually) artistic juniors. Her organization, sponsored by Mrs. Alene Smith, is bringing about awareness to the realities of the LGBTQIA+ community and bringing together people that care about the equal representation of those within that community, or even those outside supporters, Allies. Of note is that they are currently planning a special show for the school, and it is a very special show indeed. Rigney is always on the lookout for more people to come and support the cause, even if it’s just to bring an idea, or share in the feeling of solidarity

Another of Shortridge’s premiere student-led organizations is the National Organization for Women, NOW. Also sponsored by Mrs. Alene Smith, this organization is under the leadership of freshman Zoe Bardon, who hopes to encourage equality for not only women, but also anybody else who faces economic, political, and/or social discrimination due to being themselves. A recently started organization, the Bardon encourages her peers to join to help make this place just a bit better for everybody. Can anybody be faulted for such idealism?

Abobakr Abedelmalik (Abo) is President of Student Council, which plans some of the school’s larger events under the eye of Mr. Elijah Sanders, who supervises it. Having already seen the Fall Homecoming Dance pulled off with great success, Student Council is in the midst of planning this year’s December Talent Show. It is also noteworthy to add that students are always encouraged to come to the Monday meetings, to be more informed about some of the activities being planned by students, for students. Even if it’s just for a bit, Abo wants to see scholars taking the initiative in offering thoughtful suggestions to Student Council.

Another organization of note is the Student Wellness Council, which was pioneered by its advisor, Mr. Matthew Shirk, in the 2015-2016 school year. A small group of students wishing to help improve the physical health and well-being of the school, they meet each month in order to come up with plans with which they might be able to keep their classmates health. One fairly successful event the club executed last school year was the Dance Marathon they held in order to inspire students to stay healthy.

This is a mere glimpse a the many clubs and organizations that Shortridge’s students have to offer to each other, and the community. So come on by, see how you can make a difference when you see a student, a high-school student, nonetheless, taking charge and creating change in their, our, world.